11.11.2017 Deals and Discounts on Drones and Quadcopters

November 10, 2017

Chinese Singles’ Day can be thought of as “China’s Black Friday”, and many online retailers such as AliExpress, Gearbest and Bangood are offering a ton of deals on all kinds of products.

Originally it was intended for Chinese youths to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single, however this festival has become the largest online shopping day in the world.

We’ve complied the best 11.11 deals on drones and quadcopters for you to take advantage off, some of the deals have not been revealed and most of them are limited so you’ll have to check back once they go live.

While deals should be available worldwide keep in mind some of the deals might also vary by region and depenend on where they ship from.

We will also try to warn you of the discounts on inflated prices meaning they are no better than buying them any other day.

AliExpress 11.11 Deals

DJI Drone Deals

20%-30% OFF on DJI Products on AliExpress

AliExpress has some pretty good deals on DJI products including a 30% discount on the DJI Spark Drone for $445.20 (this is ~$50 cheaper than on the DJI Store).

The Popular DJI Mavic Pro can be bought for US $930.02 (a 27% discount).

They are not all great discounts though as the 20% off advertised on the DJI Goggles only brings them down to US $471 which is a bit more than the $449 you would pay at the DJI Store.

So make sure to check the official DJI price before you jump into any discounts advertised.

Additionally AliExpress will be giving out different “Special Coupons” throughout the day (The first one will be for $5 off any purchase)

You can see all the DJI Discounts on AliExpress here


GearBest 11.11 Deals

DJI Drones

Gearbest deals on DJI Drones, DJI Mavic Pro for $867.99

Gear Best has some small deals on both  the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Spark, both deals are limited to 100 Units so you’ll have to be quick in order to snatch one of these.

The DJI Mavic Pro goes for $867.99 after the using the coupon code DJIMavic11 at checkout.

The DJI Spark on the other hand  can be bought $609.99 for DJISM11 however this is more expensive than the $499 it goes for directly from the DJI store, so not a very good deal at all!

Both drones will also qualify you for some big discounts on some accessories like USB cables, wireless mice and other knickknacks that you probably don’t want anyway.

There is also a general 25% OFF Coupon RCCool1111 on RC Drones, which is worth trying out at checkout.

Racing Drones

34% Discount on the FuriBee DarkMax 220mm FPV Racing Drone  on Gearbest

You can get a 34% Discount on the FuriBee DarkMax 220mm FPV Racing Drone for a total of  $159.99 at the time of writing there where ~90 units available.
There are also general discounts on parts an accessories which you can see by scrolling down here.

Other Drones

Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone Flash Sale Price $185.99 (29% off Limited Quantity)

They are running quite a few more discounts on several other “Toy” drones including the excellent Hubsan H501S with a 30% discount however there were only ~60 units left at the time of writing! You can get this deal here.

Check out all of gearbest's deals on Drones and Quadcopters here


Bangood 11.11 Deals

Deals on Eachine Drones and accessories

Eachine is offering deep discounts ranging from 14% to 70% off on many Eachine part and accessories, including a 71% discount on the Eachine EV100 FPV Googles .

You can browse the full list of Eachine discounts here.

Eachine Tiny QX95 95mm Micro FPV V LED RC Racing Drone 31% OFF ($49.99)

FPV enthusiast are more likely to find something interesting, for those of you who build their own drones they are offering a 20% discount on multirotor parts. However at the time of writing we were unable to get the discount at checkout so it might not be active yet.

You can see the full list of discounts on Bangood here.

Find any good deals? we’ll try to keep this list updated as new deals show up or expire.

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