GoPro Hero5 Black vs Gitup Git 2 Comparisson Video

You can see in this video a side by side comparison of the GitUp Git 2 and the GoPro Hero5.

How do they compare?

These two cameras are in some pretty different price ranges, with the  GoPro Hero5 being considerably more expensive than the Git2 (our current top pick for best action camera under $150), and at the moment it costs almost three times a much!

You would think that given the price difference the Hero5 would blow GitUp’s camera out of the water on all accounts, but you’d be surprised.

Video Quality

The Git2 is capable of 2K HD video at 30FPS and very crisp 16MP photos. The Hero5 Black on the other hand can record video in up to 4K 30fps resolution  but the photos only go up to 12MP.

Both Cameras have RAW image file support and electronic image stabilization.

As you can see in the video above both cameras produce great video, however the GoPro renders more realistic colors and better details, it also has a higher dynamic range meaning that dark and light objects in a scene will show more detail than in the Git2.

In general the video produced by the Git2, while high quality, lacks some of the detail and crispness of the Hero5 Black.


Image Stabilization

Despite the significantly lower price the Git2 seems to outperform the GorPro’s Image stabilization producing video with less shake (although admittedly not as crisp as the Hero5’s)

Sound Quality

Out of the box the Hero5 has a much higher audio quality, however unlike the GoPro, the Git 2 has a mic-in port allowing you to use any external microphone which can dramatically improve your audio quality, for the Hero 5 you will need an expensive Mic Adapter to get the same functionality.


The Hero5’s high price tag does come with a lot of features missing on the Git2, like GPS, voice control and waterproofing up to 10m/33feet without a case (although quite a few people have reported leaking).

However if you plan to go diving you will need to get the separate  for your GoPro, while the Git2 comes with the case.


For most use cases the Git2 is a great alternative, it can produce some great video that might not be as impressive as the Hero5 but will satisfy the average hobbyist.

Unless you absolutely need to shoot in 4K or can’t live  without the voice activation, the Git2 offers a pretty complete package at only a fraction of the GoPro’2 cost.


What do you think? How do they Compare?

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