Black Friday 2016 GoPro Deals

November 2, 2016
Last update 26/11/2016 15:30 am GMT

If you are in the US or Canada and looking to snatch up a good deal on a GoPro action camera on black friday these two deals will probably interest you.

Some retailers are offering a special Hero4 Silver Bundle, the bundle comes with two batteries and a charging cradle. Along with an SD card, mounting brackets, a waterproof enclosure with two different backs and a two year warranty. The battery pack alone retails for $50 so it’s a pretty good deal overall and offers significant discount over the usually ~$300 camera.

Yes, this is not the newest GoPro  but the HERO4 is still an amazing camera with some of the best video quality around.

The charging cradle and extra battery will allow you to quickly swap out the old one, drastically increasing the amount of time you’ll be able to use your camera between charges.

Of course both these stores require memberships to take advantage of the discount, so if you don’t have one already and don’t know anyone who has one you might be out of luck.


You can pick up a Hero4 Silver on best buy for $279.99 here

They are also offering discounted bundles with the Hero5 Black and Hero Session here


Walmart is offering the Hero4 Silver for $292.00 as part of their “Cyber Week” here


You can buy the bundle in Costco right now for $249 here  

UPDATE it seems this deal is no longer available (out of stock)

Sam’s Club

Sam’s club will be offering the GoPro Hero4 Silver for $199 as part of their Black Friday Savings on November 25 you can see more information about their black friday deals here

In the UK?

Black Friday deals are not usually as good as their US counterparts, however at the moment you can pick up a a Hero4 Silver or black with a 22% discount at

There are also a couple good deals on


Other deals

Tillys has up to %50 off on official GoPro accessories.

For even greater savings you can get third party accessories which are generally much cheaper and also have a few good deals going on. and are offering some pretty good deals on GoPro Accessory kits as partof their black friday/ cybermonday rebates. Of course this is only useful to those of you who already have a camera (or managed to get one in the previous deals)

GoPro Hero 5 Accessory Kit $19.99 (Deal) on

Camfere is also offering an extra 8% discount on accesories with the code “actioncamacc”

Hero 5 Black


Get a $60 gift card when purchasing a HERO5 Black from is offering a $60 gift card when you buy a GoPro HERO5 Black camera, the offer is valid until Nov 26.






Other Options

YI 4K Action Camera, a very good GoPro alternative at a fraction of the price

If you couldn’t get any of the deals, or can’t justify the price of a GoPro, GearBest has a great deal on the excellent YI 4K Action Camera our top choice for Cheaper GoPro alternatives.



We’ll be updating this post as new offers come up (and old offers expire), so check back to find the latest GoPro black friday and cyber-monday deals.

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