GoPro HERO5 BLACK vs HERO5 SESSION vs HERO4 Silver Comparison video

Take a look at this side by side (by side) comparison of the GoPro HERO5 BLACK vs HERO5 SESSION vs HERO4 Silver.

In the side by side video both of the newly released HERO5 cameras show a very noticeable improvement over the HERO4 Silver. Both of GoPro’s new models are producing some beautiful and crisp footage even when on the move, They also seem to render more realistic colours and have overall better definition than the HERO4.

Considering the Hero4 had some of the best video quality of it’s generation, the fact that there’s still a marked improvement in quality, shows why GoPro are still at the top of the action camera market despite the strong competition by brands like SONY and Garmin over the last year.

The HERO5 Black offers several extra features including a touch screen, GPS, 1080p120 (against the SESSION’s 1080p60).

However when comparing the footage, it is clear that when it comes to video quality the HERO5 SESSION is no slouch, and is just as capable as it bigger and more expensive sibling.

How do they compare on paper?

Here is a quick table summarizing the specs and differences of both action camera generations:

Hero4 SessionHero5 SessionHero4 BlackHero5 Black
Max Resolution1440p 30fps4K 30fps4K 30fps4K 30fps
Still Photos8MP10MP12MP12MP
Sound48 Khz with AAC4-Speaker stereo48 Khz with AAC4-Speaker stereo
Electronic StabilizationNoYesNoYes

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What do you think? How do they Compare?


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