GoPro Hero4 Silver VS ISAW EDGE Comparison Video

You can see in this video a side by side comparison of the ISAW EDGE and the GoPro Hero4 Black.

How do they compare?

These are both excellent cameras with a comparable set of features, however the GoPro is considerably more expensive than the ISAW Edge, how does that translate to video quality and how do they compare?

Video Quality

The white balance on the GoPro Hero4 is better, leading to more realistic colours, although some people might prefer the higher contrast and more vibrant look of the ISAW Edge.

This is also something that can be easily fixed in post production.

The GoPro does have a slightly better dynamic range meaning it is able to capture better footage of bright and dark objects in the scenes and can handle transitions between dark and light scenes a little better.

However you can see that  when it comes to sharpness and overall video quality, both cameras are very evenly matched, the GoPro may have a very slight advantage but considering the price difference,  it is not enough to warrant the extra price of the Hero4.

Sound Quality

Here is where the GoPro Hero4 Silver really outshines the ISAW Camera, in the video it is quite clear that the GoPro has a clear advantage when it comes to sound quality.

Unfortunately there is no way to attach an external microphone to the ISAW Edge so that is something to keep in mind if sound quality is very important to you.


Most people will be thoroughly satisfied with the excellent quality of the ISAW Edge, and for it’s price it is a great camera with a well rounded set of features (WiFi remote control functions and phone app, waterproof up to 40m with the bundled housing) and plenty of recording options.

What’s more the standard bundle for the ISAW Edge comes with a wide variety of mounts and accessories which compound the savings.

If sound quality is very important to you though, you might have to spend the extra ~$150 and opt for the GoPro alternative.

What do you think? How do they Compare?

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