GoPro Hero4 4k vs Sony FDR-X1000 4k Comparison Video

You can see in this video a side by side comparison of the GoPro Hero 4  vs Sony FDR-X1000 While recording at 4K resolution

The Sony action camera has what seems to be  clear advantage in clarity and frame rate over the Hero4 Silver. However the GoPro does offer a higher dynamic range showing more detail in the bright and dark areas of each frame. Colour saturation also seems a bit high on the Sony, but that is up to personal preference and some of you will enjoy the vibrant colours.

The Sony  FDR-X1000 also offers a few nifty features like WiFi, GPS, a backside illuminated sensor (good in poor lighting) and a microphone jack, and while it does offer digital image stabilization, it can’t be used at 4K or 1080p 120fps which is something to keep in mind.

The GoPro however offers higher picture quality (12MP vs 8.8MP) and a much wider array of mounts and accessories.

What do you think? How do they Compare?

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