GoPro Hero 4 Black vs Olympus Tg Tracker Comparison Video

You can see in this video a side by side comparison of the Olympus TG-Tracker and the GoPro Hero4 Black.

The Olympus TG-Tracker camera stands out from the crowd with a very wide range of features like GPS, Compass, a variety of sensors and a headlight all packed in a tough and attractive camera body, but how does it compare to GoPro’s action camera?

Video Quality

The footage of the TG-Tracker is very decent and most people will be quite happy with the results. The image quality stands well against the likes of the Garmin Virb XE and TomTom Bandit. However the GoPro Hero4 Black still has the edge when it comes to absolute quality of footage.

Both cameras can deliver video up to 4K at 30fps, but GoPro’s Hero4 Black produced noticeably better footage, still the Tg-Tracker does have a few features that you might miss, so it is really up to personal prefference.

In general, while  Hero4 Black footage is noticeably crisper and shows a higher dynamic range, the Olympus camera does seem to come out on top when it comes to image stabilization.


The GoPro HERO4 Black offers a wider variety of shooting modes, auto low light and night modes modes and Protune mode (which unlocks a wider range of settings).

The HERO4 can also dive deeper (40m vs the TGTracker’s 30m), has a considerably higher resolution 12 Megapixel sensor (compared to the TG-trackers’s 8MP ) and is smaller and lighter, even in its waterproof casing.

The TG-Tracker on the other hand, offers image stabilization and has more sensors providing more environmental data, a built-in light and flip out screen and you don’t need to put it in a case to go in the water with it. Instead it uses an underwater lens protector which you need to attach.

It also has much better battery life (this being one of GoPro’s ongoing weak spots) and unlike the GoPro it has a removable battery, meaning you can buy a spare and replace it when it runs out.

Which one should you get?

If you are interested in pure video quality the GoPro is the clear winner, however the TG-tracker has several features that might win you over.

For starters it runs around $100 cheaper than the Hero4 Black. It also has a wide array of handy features including the flip out screen and better battery life which day to day you might enjoy more than the GoPro’s superior video quality.

Still undecided? you can save some serious money by taking a look at our list of the best cheap action cameras in 2017,

What do you think? How do they Compare?

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